Terms and Conditions


Information on how to claim, points and rewards form part of these Terms and Conditions. By participating in the CW REWARDS SIGNATURE BRANDS 2016/17 Loyalty Reward Program (“Program”), the Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions.  Countrywide or their Members (“Distributors”) may in their absolute discretion offer a different version of the Program to other Customers.

Eligibility: The Program is only open to business customers of Countrywide Australasia Limited (“Countrywide”) foodservice distributors who are invited to participate in the Program (“Customer”). For the purpose of this Program, Countrywide distributors who are permitted to participate in this Program are referred to as “Signature Brands Distributors”. Countrywide reserves the right to conduct different reward programs with other Countrywide distributors, but only Signature Brands Distributors, as determined by Countrywide, are permitted to participate in this Program. Customers in this Program cannot combine or transfer points under this Program with points received under a different program conducted by Countrywide.

“Promotional Period” runs from 1st February 2016 to 30th June 2017.

How to obtain points: A Customer can obtain points through purchasing featured SIGNATURE BRANDS products as displayed in the CW REWARDS SIGNATURE BRANDS 2016/17 brochure during the Promotional Period from their Signature Brands Distributor (“Featured Products”). A Customer must accrue a minimum of 15,000 points by purchasing the Featured Products from their Signature Brands Distributor during the Promotional Period to be eligible to claim a reward (“Qualifying Customer”). Points will only be awarded and rewards can only be claimed from the Signature Brands Distributor who supplied and invoiced the Featured Products. The Featured Products must be paid for in accordance with the trading terms of the supplying Signature Brands Distributor to be eligible to accrue points or claim a reward. On the 1st August 2016 there will be changes to the Program, including extending the Promotional Period and introducing new Featured Products into the Program. The number of points earned for Featured Products in the Program may also change. The points balance earned by Customers prior to 1st August 2016 will remain the same (i.e. if they have earned 10,000 points prior to 1st August 2016, they will have a points balance of 10,000 points as of 1st August 2016). There will be no retrospective allocation or adjustment of points even if the Customer may have purchased the new Featured Products (i.e. those products introduced on 1st August 2016) on or before 31st July 2016. Further, points awarded for purchasing any Featured Products on or after 1 August 2016 will be awarded at the level that applies from 1st August 2016 only.

How to claim rewards: There will be two claim periods for the Program. Claim period one starts on 16th January 2017 and ends at 5pm AEDST on 12th February 2017 (“Claim Period 1”). Claim period two starts on 17th July 2017 and ends at 5pm AEST on 31st August 2017 (“Claim Period 2”). During Claim Period 1 and Claim Period 2, the Qualifying Customers will be sent a claim form and if eligible a letter detailing their login details to claim online. A Qualifying Customer may redeem their accumulated points for a reward or rewards with a corresponding point value. A Qualifying Customer can select from within the CW REWARDS SIGNATURE BRANDS 2016/17 brochure or website the reward(s) of their choice. To claim reward(s), Qualifying Customers must, during either Claim Period 1 or Claim Period 2, either complete the claim form online at www.sigbrands.com.au or fully complete the hard copy claim form and return it to their Signature Brands Distributor. (NB. online claiming is available only to customers who receive a letter from their distributor detailing their login details). Reward claims received outside of Claim Period 1 or Claim Period 2, will not be accepted. All left over points will expire at the end of Claim Period 2. Rewards will not be available until the Signature Brands Distributor validates the claim. Rewards are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Reward Description and Installation: Reward descriptions are based upon supplier’s and manufacturer’s information unless otherwise stated. Installation and/or service of items are not included.  Any rewards awarded in the form of a voucher will be subject to the terms and conditions of the individual voucher issuer. Specific terms and conditions apply to each voucher, as indicated on the voucher, including those detailed on the issuer’s website. All vouchers are valued inclusive of GST and Countrywide or Signature Brands Distributors take no responsibility for late, lost, stolen, damaged vouchers or vouchers that have been tampered with in any way. Should a voucher be discontinued or unavailable from a supplier, Countrywide reserves the right to substitute with a voucher of equal value. Countrywide or the Signature Brands Distributor is not obliged to replace any voucher that becomes unusable if after the awarding of the voucher the business at which the voucher is redeemable becomes insolvent. To the extent permitted by law, Countrywide or Signature Brands Distributor makes no representation or warranty as to quality /suitability / merchantability of any goods / services obtained by redeeming a voucher awarded pursuant to this Program. Should a product that is obtained via redeeming the voucher require service, all enquiries should be directed to the voucher supplier or manufacturer.

Reward Substitution: Rewards are subject to availability and should a product be discontinued or be unavailable from a supplier, Countrywide reserves the right to substitute the reward with a reward of similar value.

Manufacturer Warranty: If your reward is subject to a manufacturer’s warranty, please direct your enquiry to the manufacturer according to the warranty information. The Qualifying Customer should complete and forward the warranty information card (or such other process nominated by the manufacturer) contained in any reward to the manufacturer in accordance with their instructions.

Delivery: Qualifying Customers should notify their Signature Brands Distributor in the event that a reward is delivered in a damaged or faulty state.

Taxation: Countrywide and Signature Brands Distributors accept no liability in respect to any taxation liability (including fringe benefits tax) of reward recipients, arising from the redemption of rewards. All rewards are valued inclusive of GST. Reward recipients should seek their own independent advice on any taxation implications that may arise from the rewards.

Authority: Rewards will be issued on the understanding that the person claiming the rewards is authorised to do so on behalf of the Qualifying Customer who is entitled to the rewards. Rewards claimed by Qualifying Customers who are registered clubs are subject to dispersal in accordance with the laws and regulations applying to registered clubs in each State or Territory.

Disclaimer: Countrywide and the participating Signature Brands Distributors do not accept any liability with respect to loss, damage, death or injury, including consequential loss or damage arising from the Program, the supply or use of a reward, or from the loss, theft or destruction of a reward, except for any liability, which cannot by law be excluded. Subject to any rights the Customer may have under the Competition and Consumer Act (or its successor Act) or any warranties implied by law, which cannot be excluded, both Countrywide and participating Signature Brands Distributors give no warranty with respect to the quality of rewards or their suitability for any purpose.

Entire Agreement: These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between Countrywide, the Signature Brands Distributor, and the Customer in respect to the Program. Notwithstanding any other provision herein, Countrywide and Signature Brands Distributors may in their absolute discretion and flexibility in the conduct of the Program: (a) change, amend or vary these Terms and Conditions; (b) change, amend, vary, withdraw or cancel any rewards or vary the value of points required to redeem any rewards; (c) cancel the Program in whole or in part; (d) change, amend or vary a Customer’s qualification points target or the Featured Products or the number of points received for purchasing any Featured Product; and (e) exclude a Customer from, or cancel a Customer’s registration and participation in the Program. If a Customer is at any time during the continuance of the Program in breach of its trading terms with Countrywide or with any Signature Brands Distributor, Countrywide may cancel the Customer’s registration and participation in the Program. Countrywide and any Signature Brands Distributor are not liable for any loss or damage suffered resulting from any such withdrawals, cancellations, variations or changes to the Program made by Countrywide or Signature Brands Distributors in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law. All decisions pertaining to any disputes under this Program or the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions will be made by Countrywide, whose decision will be final and binding on all Customers and on Signature Brands Distributors.

Privacy: Countrywide and the Signature Brands Distributors collect personal information from individuals in the course of conducting the Program, including individuals who submit claims. By participating in the Program, unless otherwise advised, these individuals consent to the information which they submit with their claim being entered into a database and Countrywide may use this information in any media for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference or payment or other compensation. Countrywide may also use the personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at www.sigbrands.com.au. A request to opt-out, access, update or correct any information or any privacy complaints should be directed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Countrywide and Signature Brands Distributors will not disclose personal information to any entity outside of Australia.